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About Me

HI, my name is Heather, and I am a Master’s level Social Worker registered with the Alberta College of Social Workers. I have been working in the field for the past 17 years focusing my career on Addictions and Mental Health treatment with teenagers and adults. I have completed specialized training from the Beck Institute in Philadelphia for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and I am a trainer of Motivational Interviewing.

In my free time, I enjoy being outside, by the water, in the mountains, and snowboarding. My guarantee is that I will bring my authentic, genuine, empathetic self to each interaction. My approach to counselling is to get to know you and understand your goals for therapy. I then use my expertise to develop the treatment plan best suited to meet your needs.

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true north counselling 
heather delong, MSW, RSW

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Building relationships

The most important part of therapy is the ability for us to work together and find solutions that work for you and the progress you would like to see. After having worked in this field for years, I have found the best way to serve people is to build a sound relationship based on trust and mutual understanding. I do this by seeking to understand your goals, your values, and your motivation for self-healing.

I am happy to offer a complimentary meeting so we can assess if we are a good match before moving forward. I believe it's not just the certifications on the wall, a stuffy office or a fancy suit that make a great therapist but one that understands and respects the needs of the individual first. My priority is making sure individuals feel comfortable and can trust me to assist them on their journey.

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